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What is Ethereum | Unicoin DCX

Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. It supports a modified version of Nakamoto consensus via transaction-based state transitions. Ethereum is the second most popular after bitcoin and getting edge day by day due to its simplicity in the mechanism. 19 years old programmer created a platform to store and perform computerized programs crosswise an international network of scattered nodes.


A Canadian programmer named Vitalik Buterin was involved in blockchain technology in 2011, and he founded bitcoin magazine with his partner. He started to think beyond the existing bitcoin technology for more simplification to use in the financial world. Finally, he released the white paper in 2013, stating that the general scripting language of Ethereum. Since then, it attracted investors and entrepreneurs to think about business activities. There was a massive movement in Ethereum and later, it moved up with 13000 per cent in 2017, which was the highest record. The growing value of ethereum forced investors to gauge the effects. However, it was speculators and other traders that were alarmed and sought precaution.

Technology Behind

Ethereum is programmed blockchain technology. Ethereum is working based on peer to peer protocol, which means this network can be accessed by many computers around the world. The modality of Ethereum is different than bitcoin because Ethereum users can use any own code, whereas it was not possible in other bitcoin technologies. The smart contract has all the stored coding system for their users. In Ethereum, they also run the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This Ethereum Virtual Machine is a supercomputer which is associated with all computing power of the nodes in the overall network system. To execute the smart contracts, the EVM takes small fees in exchange for the computational power consumed by the digital smart contract.

Buying Ethereum

1. Open account in cryptocurrency exchange

Interested person or the user may open a trading account in any digital currency exchange like Unicoin DCX. This is the first step to comply with the formality and to get an authorized user id and password.

2. Fund the fiat currency

After opening the account, you need to transfer the fiat currency to your trading account. There are specific fiat currencies which are acceptable, and can you can transfer it into your legit account.

3. Login in the trading account to place order

You can use your credential to log in to your trading account then there are numbers of cryptocurrencies with the ongoing price. Therefore, you can choose an Ethereum pair and place the order to buy the desired quantity.

4. Save to wallet

After buying, you can store your Ethereum into your secured wallet. Later, when you want to use, you can use your wallet.


Ethereum is very popular among technology developers and entrepreneurs. They take the help of Ethereum to create a decentralized business which is not in existence before. This smart contract is prioritized to eliminate third party or middle man to save the transaction cost. Supply chain management and crowdfunding are major areas where Ethereum is highly used. Nowadays, other industries are also entering the crypto world.


Ethereum is a substitute for bitcoin and with a more simplified version, helps users to take advantage of cryptocurrencies in the fast-moving world with fast-moving blockchain technology. Due to this smart contract, business transactions are more secured and cost-effective as well.

Ultimately, investors have to be updated with the crypto world, especially while buy Bitcoin and buy ethereum other Altcoins.


What is Bitcoin | Unicoin DCX

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is electronic cash, transferable, decentralized, and the transaction can be done person to person without any intermediary or central banks. Bitcoin is one among the popular cryptos in digital currencies, and it has high monetary value also. Transaction of bitcoin is irreversible, which makes it unique and salable in the financial market.

Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency, and people assume that Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoins. However, there is no evidence for this, but he was a Japanese person who integrated numerous existing ideas from the Cypherpunk community to create the innovative bitcoin in 2008, and this bitcoin network came into existence in 2009. Nakamoto was the key person for producing the majority of the official bitcoin in the network. He used to publish all the information and modification regarding bitcoin on his technical forum of the bitcoin community.  Bitcoin whitepaper, released on 31 October 2008, and subsequently, the world got attention enthusiastically.

Technology behind:
Bitcoin, based upon blockchain technology where vast public ledger are disseminated all over the internet network. The blocks which are forming are in a secured, and definite chain and each block represent the confirmed transaction, and these blocks get entry into the whole system which can be seen and validated by the peer to peer computer network. In other ways, we can understand that each transaction is confirmed by the network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger.  

Bitcoins creation is a reward for a process known as mining. You can exchange bitcoins for other currencies, products, and services. You can buy bitcoin from legit Crypto Currency Exchange. For that, you need to open one trading account. Then it would help if you put your allowed, fiat currency and you can buy bitcoin with the ongoing price. After purchasing, you need to place your coins into your secured wallet, which can be an offline or an online wallet as per your need. From buying to storing the bitcoin, you need a secured wallet to avoid hacking.

Importance Features:
·Usually, one block is getting added in every 10 minutes.
·100000000 Satoshi is equal to 1 bitcoin, and Satoshi is the smallest denomination of bitcoin.
·The total number of bitcoin can be generated up to 21 million and 16.7 million, which has been generated already among those.
·The Bitcoin transaction can happen without knowing to any third party.·No tax is levied by any government, but the service charge or transaction cost is involved.
·Transparent transaction based on network-based mining.
·Highly secured unchangeable ledger for accounting records of bitcoin.

Many countries are using Bitcoin, and it has come up with regulation and license. However, due to its unique quality, it has been facing criticism for an illegal transaction, high electricity consumption, high price volatility, threat of stealing, but bitcoin is considered to be the king of all cryptocurrencies and investors are coming in huge numbers to invest into bitcoin-related projects or to trade this lucrative crypto coin. 

Ultimately, investors have to be updated with the crypto world, especially while buy Bitcoin and buy ethereum other Altcoins.

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset considered to execute as a medium of exchange that utilizes cryptography to protect transactions, control the generation of the further unit, and authenticate the transmission of digital assets, based on blockchain technology. There are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other crypto coins as well.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a brand that is similar to digital currency exchange (DCE). Cryptocurrency Exchanges are online platforms that match buyers with sellers. Such exchanges would be referred with care as they need custody of your digital assets for allowing you to do trades. Meanwhile, this has broad inferences concerning the trading of altcoins and the trading of altcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange entails your characteristic lack of custody over your current digital assets.

Cryptocurrency Exchange is legit or regulated exchange in a specific geographic location. However, the trade might be carried out from any part of the world because it requires only internet connection, wallets, fiat currencies, and your trading platform. There are few famous names of cryptocurrency exchange like Unicoin DCX, Binance and much more.

How does an exchange work?

        1. First, you need to have one cryptocurrency exchange like Unicoin DCX, and then you have to deposit your fiat currency into the designated account.

        2. After the deposit, you can open trading software and place the order to buy cryptocurrencies as per the availability of the market depth.

        3. After buying, you have your cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

        4. The exchange charges a small number of fees for the overall transaction, for matching order, as well for security.

Benefits of Using an Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange provides numerous benefits as compared to other direct party transaction and which are as follows.

       1.Secured transaction

       2.Reasonable buy and sell rates

       3.Good liquidity for buy and sell orders

       4.Variety of payment methods (direct bank transfer, credit card, debit card and other modes of e-payment)

       5.Built-in wallet services (Cold and Hot wallet)

A cryptocurrency exchange is similar to other commodity exchanges. In commodity exchanges, you can trade different type of commodities, and you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies through exchanges like Unicoin DCX, and much more. These exchanges take required security measurement for a safe transaction. There are various parties involved to carry out the business like the market maker or liquidity providers, traders, banks, and exchange itself. While choosing cryptocurrency exchange, you need to be careful and scrutinize everything like transaction fees, service charge, any hidden cost, and the security level. When you have an idea of entering into the crypto market, then cryptocurrency exchange would be the better platform to buy or sell digital coins in a safe way and with low transaction cost.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet | Unicoin DCX

What is a Bitcoin Wallet

A bitcoin wallet is like an online bank account where you can send, receive, or manage your bitcoin. A wallet is a programmed software where you can store your digital currencies like Bitcoin. To understand technically, the private key of Bitcoin’s address is stored in the wallet. Bitcoin wallet enables you to send and receive Bitcoin, and the remaining balance automatically regained to the wallet. The source through which you can program the Bitcoin wallet is desktop, mobile, web, and hardware. There are six main types of wallets.

Online Wallet
These wallets are cloud-based and are available on the internet. You can save your keys with encryption against any phishing or hacking. However, no one can give any assurance because hackers might attempt for stealing at any time. These wallets are readily available in the market.

Software Wallet
A software wallet is a programmed wallet where your keys are secured in a digital format and incorporated with a high level of security. These wallets are popular. However, the security level might compromise when connected to the internet.

Hardware Wallets
A hardware wallet, you can buy this wallet through the vendors, and those are generally a device, kind of pen drive or hardware devices where you can save your keys safely offline. No one can access your keys because it is detached from the online worlds completely, but when you try to connect online, you need to be very careful. There are several hardware wallets available in the crypto world.

Electronic Wallets
These software wallets can only be downloaded, or hosted in the cloud that gives security and storing capacity for your bitcoin. Most of the popular crypto exchanges provide electronic wallets.

Mobile Wallets
Mobile Wallet is simply an app which allows you to pay in the form of bitcoin against any other services. Mobile wallets stores your bitcoin and lets you to use it in any place while travelling. We can find mobile wallets on the internet, and as per your requirement, you may go for one of them.

Paper Wallets
Paper Wallet is the simplest and safest way to store your bitcoin keys where you can write down on any paper and keep it in a secured place away from water and fire. However, many bitcoin holders choose to keep their hardware wallet safe in a secure place offline.

These above discussions might help you for storing as per your convenience. However, you are always advised to get proper bitcoin wallet which does not compromise with security at all. Ultimately, investors have to be updated with the crypto world, especially while buy Bitcoin and buy ethereum other Altcoins.

Top Trending Cryptocurrencies to Buy | Unicoin DCX

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that were introduced to carry out trustworthy and secure financial transactions with the help of cryptography. Cryptocurrencies can also be said as digital currencies that use encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and scrutinize the transfer of funds independently, without the interference of the central bank. The world of cryptocurrency is vast and these are the top 10 cryptocurrencies listed below:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Ripple (XRP)
  3. Ethereum (ETH)
  4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  5. Stellar (XLM)
  6. Litecoin (LTC)
  7. EOS (EOS)
  8. Tron(TRX)
  9. Binance Coin (BNB)
  10. Cardano (ADA)

The Ascent of Security Token Offering (Or the end of the era of ICOs)

ICO’s are not something new to the people who know about cryptocurrency and that they would surely know how ICOs created issues in the past couple of years. Lack of rules & regulations resulted in scams worth millions of dollars through ICOs in 2018 that raised funds giving false promises to its shareholders. This has spoiled the prospects of a genuine upcoming cryptocurrency exchange that actually had a feasible product or solution to offer.Security Token OfferingSTOs are the next arising big thing in the unit of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The capabilities and the functionalities of blockchain improved with the introduction of STOs, that also took care of the shortcoming of ICOs. Overviewing the safer & legitimate investment plans offered with STOs, major corporates have also started showing a keen interest in this.

Unusual Acceptance

Even with a downtrend of almost each and every cryptocurrency asset after 2017, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the way up, the rate of unusual acceptance was not affected.Although many investors suffered a hefty loss with the market crash it was also the time when Cryptocurrency was in its hype and people from all sorts of life we’re talking about it.

The Impact of TRON Arcade

The gaming industry is at peak and stepping into next generation with augmented reality and virtual reality set to be a significant part of it and games based on blockchain may become a substantial part of what is yet to come and TRON arcade will definitely play a role in that.

Global Governments Recognition to Cryptocurrencies Transactions 

Most recently Cryptocurrencies are getting recognized as an authorized channel for the financial transaction by the governments around the globe. When legal currencies were losing their credibility, cryptocurrencies emerged as one of the reputed and trusted medium for exchange and it was worth using it.NASDAQ, Ethereum, Cardano2018 was very difficult for the cryptocurrency. Results were good at the beginning but at the end of the year, an approx fall of 400% was seen in cryptocurrency prices. It is expected that people might see some changes in the crypto results this year. The fall did not give an end to cryptocurrency, with upgrades of new advancements it is at the advanced level. Some of the most important developments to look forward in 2019 are,

  • NASDAQ’s listing of Bitcoin futures

It has been decided and it is true that NASDAQ will be listing to buy Bitcoin in futures. This will surely pave Bitcoin’s mainstream future.

  • Ethereum Upgrade

Ethereum will have approx of two major upgrades in 2019 — one of them will be ‘Constantinople’ at the start of the year and other in the later part of the year. Constantinople is yet to hit the world and it is designed to improve the efficiency of the blockchain and to decrease block reward, mainly to make the blockchain to be more ASIC- resistant. An upgrade with the implementation of Casper Protocol and Sharding is expected next. So, choosing to buy ethereum also a good choice.  

  • Cardano

In 2018, Cardano was the second most developed cryptocurrency and now in 2019, it is planning to release the features of the Shelley phase. In the development stages of Cardano, Shelley is a phase that is mainly focused on making the project to be fully autonomous. Advanced smart contract capabilities feature, that is suitable in enterprise usage is also expected to be delivered from Cardano, especially concerning transaction speed.Reduction in Mining Energy ConsumptionBasically mining need nodes that can lead to an extreme level of energy consumption. Bitcoin saw a massive reduction in energy consumption during a fall in price. If this trend continues in 2019, we will see a marked reduction in energy consumption.

Expansion of Crypto based credit cards

Even though the regulations have stalled the trading in some countries, people accepted cryptocurrencies in recent years. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies by people increases. People don’t prefer to lavishly spend their cryptocurrency, they wish to save it. Countless people started investing in crypto. And, here comes the concept of crypto-based credit cards. It paves a way to have your crypto and also use it in other forms like fiat currency.

How to Buy and Store Bitcoin in Your Wallet?

Bitcoin is one of the most prestigious cryptocurrencies to date, although, there are many Altcoins already exists for trading. Bitcoin can be purchased through reliable bitcoin exchanges and from bitcoin holders in the crypto market. There are many people holding bitcoins and offering to sell them. Before buying bitcoin, you must possess a secured wallet to store them safely. The Bitcoin stored in a wallet should have a secure password. We can now see how to buy bitcoin as well as to store it.

Buying Bitcoin:

Get Bitcoin Wallet

You can search for the bitcoin wallet over the internet, and you can install it in offline mode. However, you must put a strong password to secure the wallet. It is merely a software programming which gets installed in your computer, mobile or other digital gadgets. There are several bitcoin wallets available online and offline for use. While selecting your bitcoin wallet, you should keep the security level on a high priority because bitcoin is simply a digital currency

Open Account in Exchange

You need to open the bitcoin account in a reputed exchange, by the analysis of services and cost involved in the transaction. You are suggested to choose any legit exchange which is already running with the correct market name so that you may not worry about the hidden cost or fraudulent activities. By opening your account, you can access live price and authorized to buy bitcoin through them.

Select Payment Method

There are multiple payment modes for your bitcoin purchases using major fiat currencies like US Dollars, Pound and also by other crypto coins like buy ethereum. In most instances, the payment mode you choose for buying your bitcoins is the same for your bitcoin withdrawals.

Buy Bitcoin

When there are fiat currencies or altcoins available, you can use those to buy the bitcoins with the help of your trading platform or system. This process is simple that you have to transfer the equivalent amount against bitcoin into the designated wallet or account, and it takes some time to validate your transaction. After that, you receive the bitcoin instantly. 

Storing Bitcoin in your wallet

It is a common phenomenon that when buying or before buying bitcoins, one should first decide where to store the Bitcoins. Bitcoins stored in the wallet can be accessed by his\her bitcoin address only using a secure private key. Bitcoin wallets might be accessible either online, mobile, computer, on digital storing devices and even on paper. There are many wallets available, and they are an online wallet, Software wallet, Hardware wallets, Electronic wallets, Mobile wallets, and Paper wallets.

You are advised to choose the best wallet so that it may be fully secured and convenient. Online wallets are available for transactions, only when connected to the internet.  A software wallet is a programmed kind which keeps your keys secure while hardware wallet is better because you can keep it offline. Traders also use electronic and mobile wallets for shopping. Eventually, a paper wallet is also appropriate where you can write down your private key and keep it secured.

What Is Margin Trading in Crypto Currency: Learn How to Get Started?

What Is Margin Trading in Crypto Currency: Learn How to Get Started?

Margin Trading
The margin trading in cryptocurrency refers to take a loan from exchange or brokers to trade the cryptocurrencies in case of non-availability of the required full amount in the trading account. The loan amount borrowed has to be returned with interest to the lenders. Margin trading is usually opted to increase buying power. Imagine having only $500 of cryptocurrency (bitcoin) in your account and wishing to trade worth $1000 of cryptocurrency (bitcoin) employing margin trading. The only option you have is to borrow $500 more from an exchange or your broker into your account so that you can place an order.

While margin trading can magnify your gains, it can also amplify your losses. You need to be aware of this risk associated, before even considering to use margin trading. You can’t deny the possibility of losing your entire balance.The Margin trading concept finds its place in both short and long position cryptocurrency trading and is mostly used for hedging, speculating or taking a smaller risk while putting your funds in the exchange wallet.

Margin trading | Unicoin

Pros & Cons of Margin Trading:

1. Larger Return
Margin trading intensifies the profit amount which is exposed to trade. It can multiply the returns in a short time even with a small amount of fund.

2. Shorting benefits
When the price of cryptocurrencies are dropping there is an opportunity for short selling and buy back later when prices reach to lower level that will ultimately give good profit in falling market condition.

3. Structured Trades
If there is a facility of long as well as short trade, the account can be managed with the help of different kinds of strategies together to get a functional and profitable result in the overall time frame of the trade cycle. Generally, the fund managers are doing structured trades.

4. Larger Losses
Although, it gives the intensified profit while trading but it may bring greater loss also if the trade is in the wrong direction. Therefore, before using margin trading, one must be aware of its negative side as well.

5. Interest burden
It is an extra burden for the traders who have borrowed the crypto fund on interest basis which is generally higher than usual interest rates. The borrower is required to return the lender’s principal amount along with interest amount.

How to Get Started

1. Open Crypto trading account
The first thing to get started is to open a trading account in any of the cryptocurrency exchanges or with a broker. There is a small formality to fill up to get started and after complying with all the rules & regulations account will be opened.

2. Fund the account
Then, you need to transfer the amount that is intended for trading. The funds transferred to a designated wallet should be in the form of allowed currency. There is a proper channel through which fiat or permitted currencies get transferred.

3. Borrow the deficit amount
Now, you can ask for the amount that is required to place the orders. However, before borrowing the fund, you need to check the applicable interest rate which will incur on the borrowed amount.

4. Place the order
After getting the full and initial margin amount into your crypto trading account, you may place the order of any crypto pairs.

5. Withdrawal
A trader may do the withdrawal or transfer of their funds in the same currency form that was used initially for deposit.

There are always two sides of a coin that is very true here in case of cryptocurrencies as well. When we talk about margin trading in cryptocurrency, there are huge returns on one side and accumulated losses on the other. Margin trading provides luring offer to the investors due to its short term cumulative returns. That explains the sudden shifting of traders towards cryptocurrency trading. Ultimately, investors have to be updated with the crypto world, especially while buy Bitcoin and buy ethereum other Altcoins.

Is It Safe to Share Your Bitcoin Address? | Unicoin DCX

Before we decide that sharing bitcoin address is compromised or safe, we must understand few important aspects of bitcoin address and its security because this information guides you in deciding whether to share the bitcoin address to anyone or on any website. Bitcoin is the most privileged cryptocoin in the current crypto world. Any bitcoin user can generate bitcoin address without even having an internet connection, and additionally, it is not necessary to register with the bitcoin world network. Thus people can create such address with the help of the software available freely on numerous websites. Technically, a Bitcoin address is a 160-bit hash of the public portion of a public/private ECDSA key pair. Using public-key cryptography, you can “sign” data with your secret private key, and anyone who knows your public key can verify your signature legitimacy.

A bitcoin address includes 26-35 alphanumeric characters with similar to 1, 3 bc1 which is a digital designation. A bitcoin payment address looks like bc1par0srtr5xfkny3l613lydnw9re59gtzzkf8ndq

However, this is one of a kind of bitcoin address format, and in fact, there are 3 other formats of such addresses. Those formats are P2PKH, P2SH, and Bech32. You can think of the address of your bank account number where the money can be received or deposited by yourself or third parties. Generally, most of the bitcoin address consists of 32 characters with random uppercase, lowercase, and numbers except “I” and “O”. These two letters have never been used till today to avoid the ambiguity. Bitcoin addresses are a consequence of generating a public and key pair. The address is known secretly to wallet owner. Therefore, this is entirely safe and secure if your storing device is not compromised. 

Without sharing your bitcoin address, it is not possible to receive funds from another party, so you have to share the Bitcoin address without a second option. Now the question arises that what can happen to my address once you make it public. Hackers can manage to find your address, but cannot do anything until you share them your private keys. The private key can be understood like the password for your bank account for transaction requirement, thus without revealing your private key, people can locate your address, but cannot peep into your account details or be able to do any transaction.

These addresses are not crypto wallet nor balance accounts. You can use it to receive the crypto funds. These addresses are just like bank account numbers where other parties can see and deposit, but they cannot withdraw or send money from that account. Only the owner of the address has the power to send money if he/she has other private keys. Bitcoin address has a built-in check code, so no one can send the bitcoin to wrong address. If the address is valid, but without an owner in such cases the coins sent mistakenly are lost forever and cannot be reverted.

To conclude, it is very safe to share the bitcoin address to another by keeping the private key within your limitation. The private key cannot be accessible to any other third parties on any aspect.

Ultimately, investors have to be updated with the crypto world, especially while buy Bitcoin and buy ethereum other Altcoins.

Tips for New Bitcoin Investors

There are many crypto coins available in the market which has been offered by the different entity with unique schemes for trading purpose. One of them is Bitcoin, which is the most prevalent among all. Bitcoin was the first and the most valued cryptocurrency in the world. Most of the traders prefer to trade in Bitcoin despite the availability of other cryptocurrencies.
New traders also wish to come in the crypto world and try to invest by trading Bitcoin as their first cryptocurrency. Such new traders need to have enough knowledge before trading in Bitcoin as it is highly volatile and requires a high level of security as well. There are a few points discussed below as tips for the new Bitcoin investors.

Gather related information
You need to gain information related to Bitcoin’s trading mechanism as well as volatility. Once you gather the required information, you can have better decision making ideas. Bitcoin is different from the primaeval kind of derivative tradings like currency pairs and commodities.

Judge your investment with Bitcoin
To trade in Bitcoin, you may incur a significant amount of fund as an investment; in case of the adverse market scenario, you need to know your investment capability, holding period and loss capability thus you don’t have any significant impact in your daily life. Think before investing as any profit/loss you could afford without deteriorating your social or financial life. Furthermore, you need to invest very less in the starting to know the overall functionality and to get accustomed in reality.

Choose a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform
There are so many fake and fraud companies who are offering Bitcoin platform to attract newbies. So you need to find a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform to trade. You need to be very conscious to choose the cryptocurrency exchange which is registered under the company act of those countries as well as licensed by a government authority to carry out the business. You can check online about their legitimacy offers, platforms, and other services, among other platforms.

Analyze security measures
Security is the chief concern in the crypto world when you talk about buying or selling any buy Bitcoin or Altcoin. Factors like hacking and phishing may happen any time in the crypto world, that can cause substantial loss to your invested money ultimately. So it is crucial to take care of the security in the cryptocurrency trading platform and wallets. Your private key is essential to transfer or to use the crypto coins for your purpose.

Get all fees details
Before investing in Bitcoin, you should find all the charges that are applicable for getting services like buying, selling, transferring, withdrawing, depositing, and spread so that you can calculate the overall loss incurring in transaction per lot or per coin. You should try for lesser service charge or transaction cost and also in compromising with good exchange’s services.

Learn analysis for entry and exit
Analysis for the entry and exit is the last but vital part for new Bitcoin traders because the market volatility is very high as compared to the other market. Therefore, you need to learn technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and also risk management, so that your investment may not be affected by any wrong decisions that you make.
Technical analysis tells the entry-exit point, whereas fundamental analysis updates the reason for price movement. Risk management is required to mitigate the risk arising in the trading session. 
Above discussed points might be helpful for the new Bitcoin investors for taking a rational decision and timed decision, so that you may get good returns on the expected capital. As this is a matter of investment and return, there must be a precaution, and in-depth preparations are required to assure positive return in the form of assets or crypto. Ultimately, investors have to be updated with the crypto world, especially while buy Bitcoin and buy ethereum other Altcoins.

Crypto Trading Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid | Unicoin DCX


Many traders who are trading massively in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and buy ethereum, and such traders are trading to win always but winning in cryptocurrency can happen once they have adequate knowledge about the technicality of trading and risk management. When it comes to trading with leverage, the traders have to rethink their plan to trade crypto coins. As we know that cryptocurrency is highly volatile, we should consider the following cryptocurrency trading tips:

Crypto Trading Tips

Invest before you know the risk
There are always risk associated with cryptocurrency trading despite being well-versed with it. Therefore, you must calculate the percentage of risk and how much that can impact the capital negatively. Also, if the risk is well-calculated and you have agreed positively to bear, then such traders may go for this kind of trading.

Put your investment in different coins
Warren Buffet had once quoted – “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, and that’s very true to the cryptocurrency market. Hence, you should invest in different coins and avoid investing in only one coin to avoid high risk.

Every trade cannot guarantee a profit
As cryptocurrency is more or less similar to other CFDs like forex or commodity, there are chances of loss also, and no one can promise to be profitable in every trade.

Avoid fear and greed factors
Fear and greed are two emotional factors which need to be eliminated in every way possible since these two are responsible for bad trades. However, it is not possible to eliminate these factors.

Trade with a plan only
“Failing to plan is planning to fail” is the famous saying that is applied for the crypto trading market as well. You should implement a proper, precise plan step by step for getting a good result while trading crypto coins.

Use the risk mitigation tools TP/SL
There is risk mitigation system in every platform where you can lock your risk as well as profit. If you are only buying crypto coins, then you have the option to wait, or you may use for your purpose, but if you are trading for speculation, then you must have price entry and exit points in the calculation. By following this, it helps you to recover and retain in the trading business.

Follow the proven strategies
There are numerous strategies, and every strategy may not give the expected result. Therefore, you need to select few which fits your investment capability and test it in a demo console or simulation. Once the strategy is proven, you may think of implementing it in the live trading account.

Despite the trading tips mentioned, traders may still commit mistakes, but a trader can reduce it day by day. Here are a few common mistakes and their correction measures.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Unrealistic profit expectation
Unrealistic profit expectation is the common problem for novice traders as they are speculating huge profits without financial calculation with proper tested strategy.

Misinterpreting risk
There are always risks in such type of trading as the market price is not centric to any party because the market forces allocate it. Most of the traders do not have calculative risk and strategies to control.

Untested trading plan
Most of the times, few traders fall trapped with lucrative trading schemes, which leads them to massive loss ultimately. Thus, you should be aware of the trading plan you choose, before implementing in the live account.

Believing rumors
There are some news flashes in the market, which is not real, and traders get trapped while taking entry or exit from the trade.

Unappropriated guidance/reference
A better mentor always generates a better result. However, if our reference or broker is not well equipped for the trading, then it may incur losses for you. Therefore, you must refer valid and genuine links only.

Cryptocurrency trading needs to be carried out with great care as it may give excellent result and adversely, it may bring massive loss as well. Therefore, you need extensive research and analysis before placing any order in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, such type of trading concerns high security also. Thus, the thematic content of this blog generates trading tips along with assisting in eluding the general faults.

Unicoin DCX is a secure platform which makes easy for you to buy cryptocurrency, sell, and store the cryptocurrency and buy Bitcoin, buy Ethereum, and more.