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In a digitized era where organizations are striving for excellence in providing above-par services to their customers, Unicoin DCX has entrusted itself with becoming an exchange in total compliance with the legal requirements. In this endeavor, Unicoin DCX has penned an agreement with Onfido for its Best-in-Class ID Document Review services. Incorporated in Singapore, Onfido uses AI-based technology assessment to determine whether a government issued-ID is genuine or fraudulent. The procedure moves on with facial recognition. Onfido has many reputed clients including Revolut, bunq and Bitstamp with Unicoin DCX now joining the list.
The terms of the agreement provide Onfido with the authorization to check/process the client’s details along with collecting additional information from the client on behalf of Unicoin DCX. Onfido will also process the document to check/facial similarity check-selfie, facial similarity check-video, known faces, watchlist report-enhanced, facial similarity check-selfie auto among others. Due to the evolving nature of the crypto industry, considering the various facets is the key for progress and with the agreement, Unicoin DCX has entered a new chapter in its constant development towards providing the secured and best services to its stakeholders.
About Unicoin DCX
Unicoin DCX is jointly promoted by Pride Holding and other partners. Founded by a team of leading practitioners from the global financial hub, the exchange will offer traders to trade in various cryptocurrencies using an automated trading system built by its renowned software partner AX1 Systems. Unicoin DCX has incorporated the industry-leading front-to-back exchange platform, which ensures a seamless experience for its users. It will provide safer, smarter and convenient exchange services to its invaluable clients located around the world. Unicoin DCX system is based upon the groundbreaking blockchain technology allowing buyers and sellers to send, receive and trade in the state-of-the-art trading console. The exchange has pledged to strictly comply with the laws and guidelines of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) policies.
At its launch, Unicoin DCX will provide trading opportunities in three segments i.e., BTC, USD and USDT Markets. At the inception phase, popular cryptocurrency products including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin are tradable under the various segments. The offerings will grow in the ensuing days given the popularity and viability of other cryptocurrencies. The presence of market makers and traders from around the world provides ample opportunity to take advantage of a volatile crypto market in UDCX platform where the available liquidity and speed of order execution make is unrivalled.
Thanking you,

Jitesh Surendran
(Chief Executive Officer)


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